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At Magpye Creative Interiors we provide Styling and Interior Design Services.


We love working with people creating beautiful spaces and we believe everyone deserves to enjoy the benefits of great design which is such a powerful tool.


Pleasing aesthetics and well-considered design not only lifts your spirits, but helps to shape how you use a space to its best. We know that the choices involved can be overwhelming and Professional Designer with a keen eye will focus your vision and can ultimately transform your home, or elevate a business above the competition.

Projects we take on are Client focused and well considered, from a total refresh, to starting with pieces you already treasure; working together to fine-tune your ideas and importantly, show you some new ones. So we delve into what makes you tick and we’ll use our expertise to create a space uniquely yours. We love mixing styles, to create rooms that are beautiful, but not ‘trend focused’, instead we want you to invest in a space that will stand the test of time. Every Project is a new and exciting challenge, and we adore creating spaces that surprise and delight our Clients, with perhaps a twist of fun and daring! 

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We love variety and work on Projects from private homes, to commercial ventures such as bars, café’s, restaurants, holiday homes, hotels and showrooms.


Based in the beautiful Ribble Valley

we work mainly across the North West of England; Lancashire, Cheshire, Greater Manchester, Merseyside, Yorkshire and Cumbria, but we also consider taking on Projects further afield too, including London and Europe.


Interior Design

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Interior Design

Interior details, styling, industrial lo

Styling and Set Design 



'Katie has been an absolute delight to work with throughout the whole process of designing our upstairs! She’s brought to life our three bedrooms...

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