Restaurants, Bars and Café’s:  

If a restaurant’s interior is not inviting, customers will not want to eat there, whereas in contrast Diners and Drinkers will linger longer in a beautiful place. Utilise the space as a place for customers to socialise in and enjoy.


Hotels, Holiday Homes and B&Bs:


Staying away can be one of life’s little luxuries, to escape and re-set. The design of an establishment indicates a lot about the goings-on and serves as a type of signalling for the kind of customer the place aims to attract. The design has to match the vibe or niche. A gorgeous place to stay will entice people to visit time and again.




A well designed office can portray the company culture to both internal employees and outside visitors, whilst also creating an environment that reduces stress and enhances productivity with employees.

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The way a store is laid out affects the customer experience and their buying decisions.  A messy, confusing layout will not encourage purchasing. The purpose of the store and products or services it is offering can help create a design to reflect the brand.  



Interior design is an extremely important aspect of your business; It’s not just the service you are providing or the way you treat your customers that’s crucial, but also the environment and atmosphere you create. This is why at Magpye Creative Interiors we’re passionate about the power of design for businesses, we’ll look at your business vison, customer base and branding for a targeted approach to the planning and concept. So talk to us (LINK to contact form) about how we can create an interior for immediate impact, setting your business apart from your competitors.

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