I’ve worked for some of the most luxurious stores in the world with the highest standards and most creatively wonderful stylists and designers.


As a young girl from a small northern town, I would never in my wildest dreams thought it was something I’d get the chance to do. I was determined to have a creative career and wanted to try everything first, so alongside a VM job, I did Art Foundation and a Degree in Graphics, Art and Design. This lead to designing an Exhibit for Harvey Nichols called ‘Celebrating Yorkshire Textiles’. My first job from University had no budget and I was busting my guts making things as fun as possible; I created 15 windows for £30! Then one day I received a call from Harrods… ‘Hello?’; they had seen what I’d been up to and wanted me to come work with them!

Styling the interior of Harrods was ‘the dream job’; dressing the store for events, schemes, the launch of the film ‘Great Gatsby’, the ‘Mandarin Orient’ 5* Hotel for Christmas and project managed Christmas World. After a host of creative projects like this I was promoted onto the famous windows team. I started in the much-coveted fashion role, also choosing all mannequins, and their hair and makeup. Later I focused on Interiors and Window Design.  I had great fun in this job, whilst learning from the best, and designing and styling award winning windows.

After years in London though I wanted to get back to my roots and move back up North, so I became a Creative Store Presentation Manager of Selfridges Trafford, a fast paced and reactive role. I managed a team for the look of the store for schemes, departments, styling and events.

Magpye Creative was created for two reasons. Number one, buying a house with THIS view which was too far for a Ground Hog Day commute to Trafford. Number two, I wanted to work across a more diverse creative platform; I’m loving the independence, challenge, meeting new people and learning new skills, so haven’t looked back. 

Katie Longshaw-Pye (AKA Magpye Creative)

Random insights into Katie: Loves hot drinks, but hates tea and coffee. At 5"2 she's the tallest lady in her a fraction. The 'Dress' is black and blue, not gold and white. Gets minor heart palpitations when rummaging in a market. Claim to fame, is that she once sat on Richards Branson's knee (she was 6), one more....she's a hoarder of the pretty and the pretty useless!


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