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Meet the Designer

Prior to Interior Design Katie Longshaw-Pye worked as a Stylist and Visual Merchandiser for over a decade. Katie was headhunted by Harrods, and after initially working on the Home Interiors Team, she became part of the World Famous Windows Team. Working with the most luxurious Homeware and Furniture brands, Katie was immersed in great design, gaining a large product knowledge and a discerning eye selecting pieces to compliment the various schemes. Selfridges was the next stage in her career as the Store Creative Manager; overseeing a team and the design of new departments. In a highly competitive fast paced industry she was trusted to envision and create high spec magical experiences for luxurious brands and discerning customers.


After she moved to live in the beautiful Ribble Valley in Lancashire, Katie launched Magpye Creative Interiors; a Styling and Interior Design service for both Homes and Businesses. If you’re after a wonderful Interior, but don’t dare, or know how to achieve it, Katie has the skillset, creative know-how and imagination to make it happen, and her unusual experience enables her to approach projects innovatively. She has a natural flair for interpreting your personal style and inspiration, and will show you some new exciting ideas too. From the initial space planning and design, through to the finishing styling, Katie transforms the way her Clients love their homes, but also how they use them. 

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(AKA Magpye Creative)

 ‘I love creating Interiors that make my Client’s ‘hearts flutter’, thats done with imagination and a touch of daring.’

Katie Longshaw-Pye

Random insights into Katie: Loves hot drinks, but hates tea and coffee. At 5' 2" she's the tallest lady in her family...by a fraction. The 'Dress' is black and blue, not gold and white. Gets minor heart palpitations when rummaging in a market. Claim to fame, is that she once sat on Richard Branson's knee (she was 6), one more....she's a hoarder of the pretty and the pretty useless!

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Why the name?

One of a few nicknames among my friends, 'Magpie', was derived from my keen eye for the dazzling and unusual; just one of many qualities that has made me a successful stylist.


Then, of course with my last name 'Pye' this wasn't an opportunity to miss. 

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