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The clients bedroom didn't have a theme and was a mismatch of colour and furniture. The huge TV looked out of proportion on the tiny cabinet and the high walls were crying out for an even bigger headboard! The contents of the room just weren't practical as the client was keeping a clothing rail in the spare room, making this small room near unusable. There was lots of furniture to choose from though in other areas of the house as well as some accessories, so these were my starting point for my theme.


I chose two large pieces of furniture from the over cluttered front room, and got rid of the too small TV cabinet and dresser with tiny drawers. The pieces were white and grey so I chose a grey wall to start tying the colours in. After finding a few nautical feel items around the house I decided that the pop of colour would be blue and go with a Colonial Nautical look. Swapping the bed was out of budget so I instead had a headboard made in blue velvet and covered the base in a valance. New shutters softened the light and gave privacy from the main road.