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The client had downsized from a much larger house and had brought everything with him! There were some lovely pieces of furniture and home accessories but you couldn't see them as there was too much in the room. The disorganisation was making the room barely usable. The client had various collections of treasured items that weren't on display, I wanted to use this room to showcase them.


I wanted to create an old school 'Members Club' feel using antiques, classical furniture and a rich pallet; I was inspired by the clients decanter collection and antiques. Firstly I split the room into two purposes, I got ride of the oversized and unused dining table and instead got a smaller round one which extended and put this to one side of the room, I then also created a Reading Nook with a drinks trolly. I displayed the decanters on the trolley and within the large cabinet, which I edited and added to. To create a focal point above the dining table I selected postcards in the schemes colours from the clients collection and framed them in contemporary Habitat double glass frames. The room was painted in Card Room Green from Farrow and Ball.